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Dala Flow Medium


Flow Medium helps to thin paints and improve the flow without diluting the colour.



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Dala Acrylic Flow Medium is a liquid diluent and binder formulated for use in conjunction with Acrylic paints.

Water may dilute paint’s acrylic binder, reducing the adhesive qualities. When Flow Medium is added in small amounts, it produces a thinner, smoother paint which leaves no brush marks. Paint mixed with Flow Medium will deliver a remarkably long stroke with very fine detail and definition.

Adding this medium to your paint will dilute the paint, giving the paint fluid dynamics, thinning it without diluting the colour.

It will give your acrylic paints a thin consistency and glossy finish. It is a water-based medium, designed to prevent cracking or to use as a seal on a dry, finished work.

This multi-use medium is easy to use and perfect for non-oil based paints!


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