Wreak Havoc

Reusable Silicone Straws


Finally reusable straws great for Kids!
Environmentally Friendly Silicone Straws – made from food grade silicone so they won’t absorb odors or color.
The wider tube makes them great for Milkshakes and the pliable material makes them easier to clean so you actually don’t need a cleaning brush, but we have included one in each pack just in case you don’t believe us.
Silicone is made from natural material primarily found in sand, so our straws are durable, long lasting and can be recycled. We have packaged them in bags made from wood cellulose which is totally biodegradable.
Sold in 3’s with 1 brush and are available in Brights (navy, orange & green) and Pastels (pink, purple & aqua)
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Pastels, Brights


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